Mass Control EXPOSED

This Video Is 90 Minutes Long!

It’ll take a minute or two to load on some computers :-)

I wonder if it was a mistake to give this video out to
my ever-growing list.

The reason why is because it’s kind of like I’m “telling on myself.”

You actually see how I’m using Mass Control in this very

When you watch it, you’ll discover:

1. The *right* way to use graphics.
(Everybody else gets this wrong.)

2. A real life example of how you enter the conversation
in your prospect’s mind.

3. How “implicit bonding” works …and how you can do it.

4. The extremely powerful “subconscious double-message”
technique that’s almost like subliminal messaging …but
more effective.

…And more.

So if you want to see how Mass Control works to
MAKE YOU MONEY, watch this video and take notes.

Oh – this video references the Mafia Report, which is here: