The Return Of Pen Island Studios

The talented (and wildly attractive) team at Pen Island Studios have been at it again, this time bringing you this killer video that shows you how to increase conversions without changing copy.

You get five case studies in this one. Good stuff.

P.S. At the time this was released, no one has yet to be injured on the electric skateboard. MoFo almost lost a toe, but he didn’t feel it so that doesn’t count.

But the tables may turn because Jeff Walker, Brad “Bug Eye” Fallon, Andy “The Knife” Jenkins, and “New York” Mike Filsaime are scheduled to arrive today for some:

A: Debauchery.

B: Video content creation (to be given as bonuses to certain customers).

This means that there’s a possibility that we may get footage of someone (Bug Eye) wrecking the electric skateboard while talking about marketing …therefore creating the best video ever.

Like Internet Marketing meets Jackass or something.

Anyway – enjoy this video and get the report. It’s good.