A “Light” Case Study To Start Things Off

Mass Control Student Does $10,000.00 In Nine Days

You can download the case study here.

I call this a “light” case study because it’s only 7 pages and it’s a quick and easy read. I simply recorded a conversation I had and then got it transcribed.

You’ll be meeting a student named Glen Crosier from the UK. Glen has a niche business where he sells a $39 ebook.

In the case study, I use the word [CENSORED] every time Glen mentions his market. This is for his privacy. (You know how it is. If we told what his market was, he’d get knocked off 100 times by next week.)

This is the first of several case studies I’ll be releasing between now and Feb 1st when Mass Control opens.

The next one should be out Monday, and it’s a video diary from a guy who brought in $36,000 in four days using Mass Control.

More to come,


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