I just deleted two posts by accident. They were the ones about the Charity event. Anyone know how to “undo” stuff in WordPress?

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  1. Chris said

    am July 22 2009 @ 7:05 pm

    Just in case you miss my comment on Facebook (along with the other 50 billion), here are the cached versions of both of your last blog posts:

    What it’s like to meet a US president . . …. Read More

    Strange phone call . . .

    I went ahead and saved them locally, so if for whatever reason Google drops them before you get to them, just let me know and I’ll email you the text from both posts.

  2. Albert said

    am July 22 2009 @ 7:38 pm

    Did you archive it?

  3. Lex dePraxis said

    am July 22 2009 @ 10:29 pm

    I’m not sure about how to undelete the post, but you can still retrieve the copy by using Google Cache.

    Here’s your strange phonecall post. Unfortunately Google haven’t cached the one one (What It’s Like To Meet A U.S. President …And Other Ramblings From The Front Lines).

    Lex dePraxis

  4. Lex dePraxis said

    am July 22 2009 @ 10:37 pm

    Uhm… I recheck your site and Google DID have a cache on the Meet US President post. Here’s the post.

    Congrats. Sorry that the posted comments couldn’t also be revived.

    Lex dePraxis

  5. CT said

    am July 22 2009 @ 11:36 pm

    Frank man that really sucks.

    I found some stuff online but, every answer I read only gave me ways to recover posts, not comments. I’m not saying it’s impossible to recover comments, but I haven’t found anything yet, sorry man:(

    I’ll keep searching. In the meantime here’s what I came up with…



    I know this doesn’t do any good for you now, but here’s a link to a post that shows you how to back up your WP Blog in the future (check out the comment from Hamdani Amin)…


    Hope that maybe some of this stuff will help. Keep me posted on what happens.

  6. David Sanders said

    am July 23 2009 @ 5:26 pm

    Frank, sorry you lost those posts, and I don’t know how to help you restore them. But I wanted to make a comment about the charity event and some of the other comments you received. Frank, it appears from reading the comments on your last post that you are getting rid of some of the weeds from your garden of customers.

    I think it’s great that you got this well-deserved opportunity to meet a President of the United States, and even better, that you are helping in this great cause.

    I’d love to meet a US president, but I got to tell you, I’m even more anxious to meet Frank Kern someday. I’m serious. Any thought of possibly returning Mass Control for a refund just magically vanished.

  7. Mia said

    am August 2 2009 @ 10:44 pm

    ’twas BIG FUN reading about your BIG NIGHT; thx for sharing your thoughts and the FABU pix, too! Your recent email about an upcoming speaking gig reminded me to check in here. (The video on that site, btw, made me feel like I was time traveling or doing bad drugs or something.) Thanks for being you, Frank!

  8. Dainis said

    am August 14 2009 @ 1:33 am

    You can check the DB to see if it’s really gone. Use phpMyAdmin, log into your DB using your DB name, db hostname, and db user password. Then search on something you remember that was unique to that post. If it aint in the DB, if it ain’t cached somewhere online, then dude, yer hosed and actually have to re-write something! Ack, technology these days. Can you believe we actually have to move our fingers to type?

    Cheers from Vienna, Austria, dude, you’ve got to come here…I can show you around.


  9. Affiliate Portal said

    am August 17 2009 @ 6:21 am

    To add to the above post, if you don’t have phpMyAdmin you can download My Sql Manager lite for free to get into your mySql DB and check that table.

    Good luck,
    Corey Bornmann

  10. Marek said

    am August 19 2009 @ 8:52 pm

    Frank, before I write detailed answer to you question please write more details how you deleted these posts?
    Did you just use “delete” command in blog administrator area?

  11. the internet fox said

    am October 22 2009 @ 5:54 am




  12. Matthew Neer said

    am March 1 2010 @ 7:04 pm

    That sucks man, you should pay more attention! lol, It happens to the best of us…

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