Here’s the “catch”

You’ve probably gotten a zillion emails about Mike Filsaime’s free reports he’s mailing to everyone. I decided to hold off on telling you about it until I actually got my hands on the materials and looked them over.

I also wanted to really check out the offer and see if any shenanigans were going on.


The 84 page report is good. It was nothing new to me, since I’ve been in the info-marketing business for nearly 10 years now. It’s EXCELLENT for someone who wants to cut through the clutter and simply get started.


The process maps. Holy shit, these things are awesome. I mean, REALLY kick ass. A lesser marketer would have taken these maps, fluffed ’em up with stuff –and sold them for a grand or two.

…And it would have been worth it.

So all in all, Mike’s free offer is well worth it. Beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Click here to get yours.

Oh – by the way. Yes, I know I look horrible in this video. I’d just gotten out of the water after getting my ass kicked by a fairly heavy wind swell we’ve had.

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  1. Shaune Clarke said

    am June 7 2008 @ 12:15 am


    All the banter about upsells.

    Okay it’s to much — Agreed!

    It can be better done — No question.

    It should be better done — Agreed!

    But hey…

    If you want the free stuff, you pay a price.

    If 12 minutes of your time to walk through upsells and making a call to cancel your subscription is that price — so be it.

    If you don’t like “Murky Mike” — Okay, that’s your perogative.

    If you want to unsubscribe — Cool!


    If you want to be successful aren’t you better off spending your time watching and learning from what Frank did here as an Affiliate Marketer.

    I’ve watched the video 3 times just to study each “move.”

    Dudes and Lasses…

    What you can learn here — By watching Frank — is a great course in how to make money as an Affiliate marketer. (Even if you don’t have “A List Like Frank.”)

    Dare I say…

    If you’re focused on what’s wrong that’s what you’ll see and 3 – 6 months from now you’ll be complaining about how Internet Marketing doesn’t work.

    Perhaps you need a “shift in perspective.”



  2. John Davies said

    am June 7 2008 @ 2:16 am

    I noticed the free offer contained a request for a monthly contribution of $29.97 monthly.
    I don’t think so !!

  3. Geo said

    am June 7 2008 @ 7:33 am

    First off let me say this is like the 5th time I’ve come to this specific blog post because the video is SUPER NINJA, as Frank and J-Mo would say.

    Shaune Clarke nailed it on the head about what to look for and what people should be thinking about.

    Personally I am fed up of people bitching and complaining on blogs and forums about this shit. I’m not one of those “gurus” who is making millions so I hope people don’t think I’m sticking up for them.

    Instead of fucking wasting time and energy on complaining and bitching about Mike’s product and all the upsells.

    First off Frank Kern did not say to buy the shit. Not only that but he went ahead and told you exactly what is cool about the free offer and he talked about the forced continuity program.

    But no….. People bitch and complained anyway.

    Why do we waste energy and do this people? Why? Study the process and see if this is something you can do in your business. I’m pretty sure if you’re in niche marketing and you got competition that no one has done what Mike did here.

    Instead of wasting energy talking about oh Frank I hate you, or Mike’s a retarded marketer or something , study the freaking process and if you can use it do so.

    Frank you the freaking Jordan of internet marketing. Keep it up man!

    And people don’t write another blog post that is negative. It’s shit like this
    that made us lose Frank Kern in the first place so shut up *please*.

  4. Joe said

    am June 7 2008 @ 8:31 am

    I love the complaints.

    They’re so….


    Hey – I got stuff to sell you too, but who wants to hear all the bitching?

    “Oh…all those upsells!”

    “I can’t uncheck the boooooox!”

    “This is so sneaky!”

    Grow up people. This is business. If you have a problem with the process, here’s my advice…

    Don’t get the report. This business is not for you. You WON’T make any money. You obviously don’t have the stomach for it. Stick with your day job.

  5. Wolf Halton said

    am June 7 2008 @ 8:49 am

    I like this style of presentation. Makes a truly painless ad, and in fact, I think the whole thing works great. It is really nice to have somebody “explain” Mike’s thing, rather than just copy and paste the sales-copy.
    Thanks again

  6. JD said

    am June 7 2008 @ 10:21 am

    HOLY CRAP!!!!

    What the hell did you do to us man…

    I love ya, but geez… ya coulda warned me this was going to take up two hours of my time going wading through the up-sells and down-sells.

    Then to get my stuff, man this guy is like a Jehovah Witness permanently nailed to my doorstep.

    I guess you didn’t get your copy the same way we had too.. Yuck!!!

    I need a friggen stiff drink now and I am afraid I am going to tread lightly on any following advice from you.

    If you have something truly FREE, now is the time to hand it out to your email list bud, with a bunch of flowers and a bottle of scotch thrown in.

  7. Lisa said

    am June 7 2008 @ 11:46 am

    JD – you’re killin’ me dude, ha! ha! (absinthe instead of the scotch though)

  8. Jon said

    am June 7 2008 @ 5:49 pm

    Dear Kern,

    Why would you delete me from your email list for giving my opinion??? Are you throwing a 2 year old tantrum? Can’t take the heat???

    I’m sure I have a high LTV as a follower of you, and you have greatly benefited from. You should stay away from this type of promotions. It pisses people off. You are better than that. Continue to provide great content. Have you read Mass Control? It’s pretty good…you should check it out…!

    “Dan Kennedy Rocks!”

    P.S. I’m still a fan!!!!

  9. Shaune Clarke said

    am June 7 2008 @ 9:49 pm

    Hey Jon…

    Frank doesn’t do a single thing without purpose.

    “WATCH” every move he makes.

    It’s not personal.

    Keyphrase here…

    “Stir Controversy.”

    Your comment and mine are why he did it!


  10. Seth Daley said

    am June 12 2008 @ 12:53 am

    I thought Filsaime’s upsell sequence was brilliant. I clicked file “save as” on every one and will go back and study a true Jedi Master.

    Seth Daley

  11. John said

    am June 20 2008 @ 12:34 pm

    Well… there’s a lot of upsells? I missed out on this (really wanted to check out the process maps too) but here’s what I got from the video anyway, Frank:

    1) “It’s worth multiple damns, actually…” Priceless, Frank. Just priceless!

    2) Actually, I believe you when you said you didn’t know you couldn’t un-check the box. But it doesn’t matter, either way – you knew there was a potential deal-killer there, so instead of hiding it, YOU POINT IT OUT. Nothing like taking a lemon and making lemonade!

    3) I do wonder if you followed the link to all the upsells yourself – if you had, I strongly suspect you would have touted it, especially to those of us on YOUR list, as a “great way to see how Mike’s process works!”

    4) We lost internet access from all the flooding, so the deal was over by the time I was ready to order, so I didn’t see the “2 hours worth” of upsells… but from what I’ve read, I wonder if Mike could have done much better, focusing on the relationship-building, and save the upsells for a follow-up? Doesn’t seem like your style, Frank. Or, is it that Mike’s style works, for Mike’s list. Because from these comments here, I don’t think it works very well for your list.


  12. eric said

    am June 20 2008 @ 1:34 pm

    I’m coming to this thread late as I appear to have been removed
    from Frank’s email list as well.

    I told Frank “Mr. X” was a crock of shite; a truth which I still hold dear.

    Ever since, no more emails. I can see his point, why deal with the
    negativity? Just remove the bastard.

    A tactic I will put to use on my own list immediately. Thanks Frank.

    So now I have to come here manually, which I don’t mind.

    Anyway, to my point…

    You know what the best part about this whole thing is?

    and it all started with Frank, himself…

    …it is that everyone signing up for this stupid mag subscription
    is only doing it for the stinkin’ bonus!

    No one here gives a rats ass about the real product Mike is trying
    to promote.

    So someone is banking on those of the lucky few that sat through the
    pop-up-sells to forget to bail out. Sad but true…

    Not the subscription model I am stiving to emulate.

    And likely why I didn’t bother even visiting Mike’s site.

    Could care less about the bonuses or the magazine.

    And hate GoDaddy’s upsells. It might help their bottom line but is
    garbage marketing In My Opinion.

    Peace, E

  13. Bill Scott said

    am June 22 2008 @ 7:31 am

    I received the 7 figure secrets and marketingdotcom mag. but no process map or manuscript. I have lost some trust for mike and not continue with his program. SUPPLY WHAT IS PROMISED !

    On the up side both books I received were good worth the shipping charge.

    Mike is smart in the mag only tells part of the story and requires $29 to get the rest ? He must listen to Paul Harvey on the radio ? I will try this in my marketing.

  14. mohamed ahmed mohamed ahmed said

    am June 25 2008 @ 10:38 am

    Thanks Frank!

  15. Jose Delgado said

    am September 7 2008 @ 3:06 am

    hey is this offer still standing?

    i always meant to jump on it but you know,

    people are too busy. :p

  16. Suzanne of New Affiliate Discoveries said

    am September 8 2008 @ 11:40 am

    To Bill (2 posters above me presently), the items you are missing are downloads from your login page on, they were not shipped as hard copies.

    While I was pleased with the items I was shipped, I did not recieve any future issues of his marketing newsletter despite being charged twice. I am also unable to get ahold of a person on the phone despite calling 2 different customer service numbers and trying all the options.

    Very frustrating. Frank I trust you…but your buddy Mike is making things very, very difficult for an aspiring (read poor) marketer…

  17. Timothy Patton said

    am September 27 2008 @ 2:16 pm

    And? I’ve gotten Mike Filsaimes 7 Figure Screts back in like July 08, everything included, and in my opinion, “It’s not ‘worth a damn.'”

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