Case Study Gone BAD

You can just press “play” to hear this case study:

This is classic.

You’re about to discover that I’m probably the worst person ever at doing case studies …but that’s a
good thing because we get the self serving OBVIOUS PROMO stuff out of the way really fast and
this “case study” turns into a consultation.

…And that means GOOD CONTENT for you.

In it, you discover:

–> What happened when Leo Quinn tried Mass Control on
a tiny and neglected list of “financially challenged people”.

–> Why I’m really bad at case studies. (Hint: Abusive to client,
but in a good way.)

–> A “sneaky” tactic for getting super cheap traffic.

–> A Demonstration of getting inside the mind of your prospect.
(This will probably add a fortune to Leo’s business.)

–> More, but I’ve been on the phone forever doing interviews and I’m brain
dead so I’m sort of out of good “blog copy” ideas.

This is good stuff. It’s light on the propaganda and heavy on the content.

I’ll admit I was a little disappointed because I was hoping I could squeeze
in some more propaganda.

Damn Leo Quinn and his questions about conversion!

You’ll see.

But help me out by leaving really nice propaganda
filled comments below.

Oh – wait. Propaganda. That reminds me.

Mass Control goes live on February 1st at 9:00 AM
Pacific time.

It’s a limited course that’s delivered online for 30 days.

This is as close as humanly possible to having me live with you
for a month and personally teach you every single thing
I know about selling a ton of stuff online.

…Except I won’t drink all your beer.

There’s 33 pages of cleverly disguised propaganda here on the
Mafia Report:

I was kind of hoping you’d read that so I won’t have to write a
sales letter.


It goes into great detail about what’s included, price, guarantee,
and so forth.

O.K. Enjoy this case study with “Leo The Laziest Student EVER”
…who happened to pull in around $12,000 in the first week or so
and then get lazy (er).

Just press the “play” button at the top to hear it.

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  1. Ron S. said

    am January 26 2008 @ 8:36 pm


    Great content Frank, you’ve outdone yourself.

    I can remember listening to a Serializer testimonial audio you did with another IM “guru”, can’t remember his name

    If you were to guess (a SWAG would be fine) at an anticipated conversion rate for Mass Control (obviously it’s going to differ based upon the tactics you put into use) what would that percentage be?

    Just with a simple four day promo like you suggested in Leo Quinn’s testimonial.

    Thanks again.

    PS We’re excitedly looking forward to working with you and sending you and your family to some really outstanding surfing spots throughout the world.

  2. Ray Patrick said

    am January 26 2008 @ 9:22 pm

    It’s about time someone came out and showed those who feed on the ignorant and naive how it should be done … awesome Frank!

    If you want to learn how to sell, go to your local street market , there you will see how through the art of natural spontaneous conversational relationship social marketing that is has nothing to do with selling! … has nothing to do with selling at all ! …and the sooner we incorporate that into our online marketing strategies or should I say ” non-anti-social marketing strategies ” ..the better it will be for all of us and the greater we will all benefit from it collectively.
    A Long Long time ago….there was a time when people would interact with each other, marketer, salesman or local shopkeeper, we would learn from each other, show each other, give and take from each other and we would do this not expecting something in return,we would live with a sense of community where one person was able to serve the other in a very real and direct way, these people formed part of a ” social community ”….. I think this was on some far away planet called earth that no longer exists.
    In this social community there was a core objective, and that core objective was the well being of the community as a whole.
    The online marketing world has missed the point since day one, in the respect that it has totally forgotten the most important elements of what creating a solid business is all about.
    The way I see it, Frank has captured something that most online marketers never really understood in the first place.
    You know it’s pretty simple, because all you have to do to understand what a customer needs is ” know your own , needs ”, as you are human too, just like your prospect,….. no trying to sell, no trying to get people on your list to buy things, no trying to sell recycled BS from last year, not trying to pretend to know what they need….basically if you do pretend you might as well get out now, because all you are doing is creating an uneasy air of universal skepticism with the online buying public which in turn leads to less trust, less sales from the online community as a whole and all of this just because some so called know all online marketers devised ways to trick people into doing certain things in a certain way….. SELLING IS NOT ABOUT TRICKING! .. it is about creating what is an old age mutual transaction that always and must serve the customer 20 times more than it serves the seller, once you understand this, you will find that your online business will become rock solid and will make any other business venture you have taken on look childish and even pathetic, because you will have found the very seeds that lay the foundations that become irreplaceable for your business

    I have never walked into a shop and seen blasting at me banners and flashing lights telling me to buy this and buy that….so who the hell invented all that stuff? …..I have never walked into a shop and and seen one million different items all stuffed on the one shelf…….so why do I see that on a website ?
    My whole point is, that I think the time has come , and I have seen this coming for a while now, because just as the offline world is sick of how it can’t even find a happy news story to put out on T.V. .. and the online buying public world is sick of how much tasteless and trashy information they have to sift through in order to find a half decent quality product and avoid getting scammed at the same time.
    How half of those clickbank products get sold amazes me, are we all scammers? … really sometimes It makes me want to get up and really shout some very negative stuff when I see products that clearly scam people are selling like hot cakes and all because we really don’t want to have to sit down and have to learn the meaning of serving people what they are truly looking for and that’s ” relationship for trust ” marketing….sad but true.
    We need to return to old age ” relationship ” marketing, can’t you see that? …Can’t you see that even those just snooping around on the net, they need to know where they can trust who they buy from and where they can build trust ( your list ) as trust does not exist in the world as it stands online or off.
    Why do you think that info products are so hot?…….well, again, it’s because the times are changing so fast that we can’t even keep up with what year it is any more ..we need information and we need it now, we are all scared about who and what we are, we live in a world that has completely lost it’s mind…so we are all in need of some kind of information to re-route us back to feeling some sense of security in a world that steals our every sense of security…..information products are so much more than information products……so much more…….this is where” relationship building ” comes in…..the online community is crying out for it …it is the only way to go with your online business a neighbor, treat your prospects as friends, become part of their community and they will feed you for life…. because I don’t know if you knew this but the world really is an island, a very small island on which we all live as one whether we like it or not, so there is no point in trying keep that cold ”out of touch with prospect” distance in your marketing as it will get you zero on your list and zero off it,
    …and that is where I see the new marketing power landing it’s case, in the simple fact that people need people, people live in communities and communities are exactly the same as ” targeted ” groups of prospects, don’t try to be the marketer when in case you have forgotten you are first and foremost a person, you are first and foremost a customer before you are a so called online marketer.
    Sorry for ranting on, but I think that new thinking should be aborted for old thinking marketing strategies…..and I think soon we will see that….

    Frank Kern , Leads that way…follow him and you will lead too.


    Ray Patrick

  3. Nizam said

    am January 26 2008 @ 9:33 pm


    You’re genius bro!

    Thanks for the adwords tactic.


  4. Karen said

    am January 26 2008 @ 11:51 pm

    Hi I’ve been listening to the audio today and didn’t understand what it was all about I am a very uneducated new user on this medium and am still so confused You guys know what you’re talking about But I didn’t understand it at all? Did this cost anything What did I sin up for?

  5. Mychael said

    am January 27 2008 @ 12:33 am

    There’s so many MlM programs on the net but it seems once you join that’s it so my question is would mass control be of benefit to an mlm program; I realize your program is based on traffic and retrieving affilates. But I’m needing help to put my mlm program together so what good would mass control be if I don’t have my program in place yes I see the need for traffic geyser..

    P.S I’m glad you mention black’s beach , ex-longboarder from Oceanside 30min north but reside in Texas,dallas TRYING TO MAKE ENOUGH CASH TO GET BACK Lajolla rocks

  6. Debbie said

    am January 27 2008 @ 1:59 am

    Hi Frank,

    If Leo made about 12 grand in a week just using one of your
    Free Bonuses, you should definitely have a Series of Segmented
    Case Study interviews with him AFTER he ACTUALLY Reads and Applies
    your course in Segments. It sounds like he could possibly make MILLIONS
    while you’re interviewing him over a 2 or 3 year period he is taking to
    Read and Apply the Course Info. LOL Sort of a Remedial, Stay After School,
    approach to Learning WITH Accountability & Tutoring built in !

  7. Gary said

    am January 27 2008 @ 2:14 am

    G’day Frank,

    I’m looking forward to making a disgusting amount of money with your system.

  8. joe said

    am January 27 2008 @ 2:18 am


  9. ANTON JOKIC said

    am January 27 2008 @ 3:25 am


  10. Kit said

    am January 27 2008 @ 4:16 am

    @Ray Patrick

    “The way I see it, Frank has captured something that most online marketers never really understood in the first place.”

    Relationship marketing has been a basic marketing idea for eons. Do the mile-long sales-letter club live on another planet? Or do they make money off the fact that people are too lazy to learn the ropes?

    The way I see it you all just re-invent a basic marketing strategy, slap a “power word” name on it and sell it for a few grand… Kudos to the author of this course for his imaginative money-getting scheme. Pity you can spend $50 on a few books on Amazon for the same information.

  11. Leona said

    am January 27 2008 @ 4:23 am

    Great stuff !

  12. michael said

    am January 27 2008 @ 4:45 am

    Hi Frank

    thanks for your emails Ive been reading and listening to audio over the last couple of weeks and am very interested. I am wondering tho how I can apply your system to my business and how effective it would be. I sell honey and health products. my site is let me know if you think its suitable to your system.

    Thanks again
    regards michael

  13. Chris Downs said

    am January 27 2008 @ 6:38 am

    Frnnk, just want to say thank you for getting me to see what I have of value which I can share with others. I have learned more since just reading you “cool stuff” you have given me, than I have from the programs I purchased. Looking forward to mass control, but more so, sharing my success with you!
    Chris Downs, watch for NOTACAD!

  14. Terry said

    am January 27 2008 @ 6:41 am

    Hey Frank;

    Great stuff! keep it comming.I am new to all this internet stuff,So the info was a help.

    By the way has anyone checked this review out? sounded good to me.

  15. David T said

    am January 27 2008 @ 8:48 am

    Thanks Frank, this is some of the best underhyped and valuable FREE info on the net. Best of luck to ya.

  16. Peder Andersen said

    am January 27 2008 @ 11:04 am

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for the great videos and this audio.
    It is one of the most powerful
    real life case studies I have ever
    heard, but all your insider tips you gave on
    launches and Adwords are really worth
    their weight in pure gold.

    Thank for your ‘gold nuggets’

    Peder Andersen

  17. Jay said

    am January 27 2008 @ 11:11 am

    I want to order the course, but I do not have a website.
    I have too many ideas of what type of website/business to do. Not sure if any of these ideas will make money.
    How do I create the copy to put on the website?

    In my mind it seems as if this would be perfect for someone with an existing website business, but not so sure how this applies to someone who is really starting from Scratch — Nothing.

    How do I get started so that I can order your product?
    If I don’t have a business up and running, I will not be able to make my money back quickly.


  18. Frank Kern - Mass Control in action « Peder Andersen Blog said

    am January 27 2008 @ 11:14 am

    […] Kern – Mass Control in action Posted on Mass Control Blog where I comment Frank […]

  19. Margaret Le Foe said

    am January 27 2008 @ 1:23 pm

    Fantastic advice. I am writing the Book as we speak. Thanks a lot. Maggie

  20. Ray Patrick said

    am January 27 2008 @ 1:29 pm

    where can I get Mass Control for free?

    :-) … kidding Frank mate …

    ”Relationship marketing has been a basic marketing idea for eons. Do the mile-long sales-letter club live on another planet? Or do they make money off the fact that people are too lazy to learn the ropes?”
    ”The way I see it you all just re-invent a basic marketing strategy, slap a “power word” name on it and sell it for a few grand…”

    @Kit :-)

    long live the power of resale rights lol …..powerwords are make the world go round, you are so right though, anyone that can ” slap a power word ” on something and make it look new could be percieved as a fake but there is a little fakeness in all things, that is an undeniable intrinsic element that exists in everything in life lol . Well, at least I think so anyway … if you dig deep into the backgrounds of some of history’s legendary characters you will see that even the most revered were built on what could be seen as fake, un-original handed down concepts that were re-hashed, each generation sees old age concepts in a new age way…that in itself gives room for the re-selling of what has been around for ” eons ” but unknown in it’s current form.
    We, you, all of us take little bits of information from those we are learning from, if we didn’t we would all be gods and all super powerful beings and super billionaires but yes, most of the information on the net in terms of ” online marketing money making systems ” are renamed power word systems , this has always ben the case, it’s just that each so called new system is just high-lighting something that is not very well known but there is some thing here that must be said:
    Selling, no matter which way you look ate it or what concept you use, it is all age old, it has been around since day one, so we have to understand that there is a difference between re-vamping something that is old and obscure, from that which is truly unique and original, because there are such things that are unique and original,they do exist.

    I totally agree with what you said Kit, but I think that anyone who has the imagination should be given credit for it providing that imagination as long as that information can prove to deliver results of course.
    Relationship marketing and tons of other marketing concepts have been around for as you say ” eons ”, but the point is, that in the context of online marketing ” relationship marketing ” has yet to be truly embraced. I think that there is and always has been a sense of ” make a buck as quick as you can ” attitude which has never given ” relationship marketing ” the birth room it deserves.
    I think most online marketers are more technically orientated from a push button perspective of how they make money, rather than actually using the natural ( as I see it , untapped ) energy that ” relationship marketing ” can produce, I really do think that if they were doing it right there would not be such a high failure rate in the online marketing world.
    Relationship marketing takes time and time is something that many if not most who market online are not willing to embrace immediately as a tool to build their business.
    How many online marketers really take the time to learn in depth about their target audience and take the time to digg deep and really deliver for them?
    How many still think that a list of millions is the objective? …you see, this is where I’m coming from, I don’t believe that the majority of internet marketers get what the relationship concept really is or are still clinging to the idea that it is not necessary to have to build a relationship type of marketing concept as they still think that money can be made with tools and not knowledge,
    knowledge is the greatest tool of all time not the tools themsleves lol but the age we live in has supplied the modern mind with this grand illusion that all things can be built using the tools alone….thus forgetting that tools are born of mans most powerful tool known to him ” his mind ”.

    I literally receive tons of emails every day from online markers and hardly any of them are able to get me to even bother keeping them in my inbox as they are only sending me pathetic offers but I have a small bunch of marketers that go right out of their way to deliver endless ”free relative targeted helpful to me information ”, these guys have the ” relationship ” thing nailed perfectly simply because they digg deep for me and deliver results then send me it all free, this is the way to sell, dig deep , sweat a little, send it for free and you have instantly built your relationship instantly ready with their hands in their pockets because what you gave to them as free helpful content they will give you back from their wallets and they will do this because they will feel obliged to pay you back for the great free helpful content you dug deep for to send them.
    ” find and feed your source and your source will find and feed you ”

    I will shut up now ,this is a comment box Ray !!!! I hear Frank shouting! Lol

    Frank Kern , you rock!


    Ray Patrick

  21. Nat Remedy said

    am January 27 2008 @ 1:37 pm

    Hey Frank,

    What can I add – I just never heard anything. Like it.

    I feel like you’re controlling masses of us right now 😉

    But in a good way…

    Thanks for this cornucopia of magnanimity!


  22. ivon t hughes said

    am January 27 2008 @ 2:38 pm

    Loved your beach video as well as the info in this call;a good realistic approach.

    Ivon T Hughes

  23. Andrew & Denise Chambers said

    am January 27 2008 @ 3:34 pm

    Great case study great content. Thanks very much.

  24. John Nisly said

    am January 27 2008 @ 4:40 pm

    Sounds great! thanks

  25. M. Pratt said

    am January 27 2008 @ 10:10 pm

    I have not listened to, or read any of your reports; not sure why I am even looking at this blog, guess it is because I have been relentlessly bombarded with e-mails from every self promoting guru & IMer for weeks … really getting old.

    from reading the e-mails it sounds like you are “killing everyone with kindness”,
    free tips,free content,free videos, free this, free that…all leading up to the
    “kill”…when you zap them for thousands…funny thing is they will probably be thanking you for it.
    Nice PR & copy writing.

  26. N. Kato said

    am January 27 2008 @ 11:50 pm

    Hi Frank,

    I got an IPod nano and as a new user, don’t know how, but all my computer’s
    MP3 files were transfered at once, on top of that it freeze. Had to go
    to the store (tutorials on the web didn’t help) and finally got it fine.
    Back home as I browsed to delete some files, it came across an interview
    G.Ambrose did to Mike Filsaime a year ago, it was before The 7figure Code
    release, don’t know why didn’t deleted it and sat down to listen, (info
    on Mike Filsaime, now “Guru”, author : Butterfly M., ViralM. etc. makes
    7 figures). After he introduces himself, mentions he was Ok as Car Dealer
    Manager, but started looking at the internet and from the few information
    he had first got one of Frank Kern, he found out it was interesting and
    applied it and made money. It was one of the encouraging factors that made
    him switch his career. Kudos Frank, hat off.
    I think I got your link from the two geek guys in UK, and frankly still
    was not eskeptical but selective, cause with the info and offer tsunami
    over the email you have to call the good spirits to guide you to pick
    the right one.
    I apologize for my English, but I wanted to let you know this important
    recognition Mike Filsaime did in a insider interview and to express that
    Iam Very Happy I clicked on your link.

    N. Kato

    P.S. to Nat Remedy: If you are curious and want to know more what
    Frank is talking about follow your insticts, all of us started
    almost the same way, and… you have to walk the way… good luck!

  27. Jeff Miles said

    am January 28 2008 @ 12:52 am

    Frank, Great stuff.

    To all those who may like to whine and complain about Frank. Let’s appreciate
    the fact frank is giving some great valuable tips to make money from your
    online business.
    If you can afford his offer great for you, or just use the tips to make some
    or lots of money.Provided you are willing to put the time, effort and money
    where required to make money.

    I found alternative ways that does not involve all the endless marketing,
    product creation, outsourcing, customer service etc…that goes into making
    money from online business. It works for everyone and it is probably the
    easiest ways to earn a growing, automated income from real opportunities.
    Its “below the radar” stuff not known to 99% of folks who want to make money
    from home. And thank god its not MLM !

    check it out

    And no I’m not talking about making a few hundred bucks , frankly you
    can make as much as you want. No real limits.

  28. Hi Frank, said

    am January 28 2008 @ 8:23 am

    I am very excited about hearing your ideas but I cannot get any of your recordings to play properly, I have dial up.

    Is there another way to hear/watch your videos and recordings? I feel I am being left out.

    I have watched/listened to other recordings with no problem, it just took them longer to download.

    Any ideas would be greatly apprecited.


  29. David Ledoux said

    am January 28 2008 @ 11:33 am

    I paid Frank $10,000 in December 1996 to teach me ONE business model concept.

    I recouped that pocket change in a few weeks. And learned how to make deep fried Snickers as a bonus.

    Frank’s good at figuring out stuff that works. I’m good at cutting and pasting and following through and taking action. Every time I give Frank money it comes back to me in multiples.

  30. Topgunmommy (aka: Debra) said

    am January 28 2008 @ 3:09 pm

    Frank; Thanks for more free tips, although I had a hard time hearing Leo on his end of the phone. I’m still trying to mentally digest all this new stuff.
    One question: What’s with all those people who use your comment pages to advertise their own sell-sites?? I think that’s tacky! Some may think you are endorsing all their other get-rich systems!

  31. Tracey, London said

    am January 30 2008 @ 7:45 am


    Thanks for all the info you’ve given – I’ve not even managed to get through all your promo material, and ALREADY feel I’ve learnt loads. I like your laid-back, no-nonsense approach – thanks for all the great tips etc.

    I’m doing another course so can’t sign up for Mass Control – but I hope it all goes well, and you all have fun!

    Tracey Rissik (London)

    P.S. Are there more gorgeous surfer-dudes out there in sunny California?! 😉

    P.P.S. I agree with “Topgunmommy (aka: Debra)” – advertising get-rich-quick on this blog sites is very tacky!

  32. Tracey, London said

    am January 30 2008 @ 8:45 am

    PS Please can anyone explain (I’m an adwords/adsense newbie) – what does having an Adsense ad ABOVE THE FOLD mean? Frank mentions it several times in the interview…


  33. Tifa said

    am February 1 2008 @ 7:10 am

    I haven’t started yet, I really really need you.. Pleaseeeeeee…

  34. Lisa said

    am February 1 2008 @ 9:06 am

    Hi Tracey,

    It means that the adsense ad appears on the screen without needing to scroll down. It dates back to printed advertising where some essentials should before the first fold on the paper.

    Thanks Frank for all this great free stuff!


  35. Milt Tanzer said

    am February 1 2008 @ 12:21 pm

    Your website, to me, does what you are condemning from others. It promises I’ll get rich quick with some unheard of profits (you say).
    I’d like to believe it. I’ve been internet marketing for 14 years and have purchased thousands of dollars in programs “guaranteed” to make a lot of money, if I followed them exactly…which I’ve done. I imagine about five of them were actually worth what they cost.
    I did a $10,000 infomercial before they were called “infomercials”, guaranteed to appear on local TV stations until I had at least X dollars in sales.
    He disappeared with my money and no commercials ran. I checked him out in advance with a couple of best selling real estate investment gurus who had used him.
    I guess I’m very skeptical of promos, such as your “Mass Marketing” that shows such inflated profit potential.
    Convince me to buy!

  36. Older Allowance said

    am February 2 2008 @ 2:43 am

    Older Allowance

    Hello. Very good article

  37. My Mass Control List » said

    am February 5 2008 @ 11:29 pm

    […] Study 1 (Includes PDF) Case Study 2 (Includes audio recording) Case Study 3 (video with my friend Michael Koenigs) Case Study 4 (Audio […]

  38. said

    am February 13 2008 @ 11:19 am

    Thanks for all the great videos and tips.

  39. Carly Taylor said

    am March 14 2008 @ 6:21 am

    Hey Frank

    That audio player is ‘bobbins’!

    You might want to use this embed code in future.
    (‘Borrowed’ from the tubby Dale!)

    Fancy audio player for your website (2008 REMIX).

    Do try and keep up! (he he)

    Love CT.

  40. Carly Taylor said

    am March 14 2008 @ 6:22 am


    The code didn’t show up on post.

    See what u get for tryin to help a dude out?



  41. Carly Taylor said

    am March 14 2008 @ 6:23 am

    Oh yeah,

    There’s a free book. I wrote it.

    It’s sexy.


  42. kevin said

    am March 26 2008 @ 5:04 pm


  43. tracy said

    am April 3 2008 @ 9:12 am

    your a winner

  44. Reciprocity « 3MA Corporate Happiness said

    am April 6 2008 @ 6:51 am

    […] relationships in any form (personal or professional). Frank Kern goes into it better than I would here (listen to the audio here. There’s a very valuable business tip for those […]

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