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The Magic Formula Revealed

OK – so it took me an extra day to put this video up …and therefore it’s being released on the same day that the Mass Control 2.0 offer is being made available.

So instead of an early bird opt in form, I’ll just put the link here: Click Here To Get Mass Control 2.0 on the 7-Pay Plan.

That link goes straight to the order form so if you need a sales letter, here it is:

1. If your gut tells you that Mass Control is a good fit for you, listen to it. Your intuition is almost always right.

2. Mass Control is awesome. You can find tons of good reviews by simply searching for it.

3. If you buy Mass Control 2.0 you will become wealthy within 49 seconds of submitting your order. (OK, not really. Just making sure you’re paying attention).

4. Mass Control 2.0 shows you a formulaic approach to making money by giving stuff to people that makes them happy …and then selling them stuff that makes them even happier. This is a great way to do business because you end up with raving fans instead of regular ol’ “customers”.

5. If, for some reason you don’t like Mass Control 2.0 – I’ll give you all your money back. You don’t even have to return the whole product. Just send back whatever you didn’t like and keep the rest.

7. 100% of your first month’s payment is being donated to the Angela Shelton Foundation, which provides support to women who are victims of abuse.

There you go! Seven good reasons to buy Mass Control 2.0 right now. As I type this, there are 109 copies left. Click here to get yours.