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Surprise Free Stuff – Yeah! That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!

Here’s a 6-hour phone call I conducted with our boy John Reese back in 2003.

Interesting story behind this.

We were *supposed* to meet legendary ad man Gary Halbert for the first time ever that day. But something came up and Gary couldn’t make it.

So John and I figured, “Hey – what the hell? Let’s do a 6 hour live conference call for our customers and subscribers just to be cool”.

People dug it and have been telling me how much they enjoyed it ever since. (It was soooo hard for me to keep from laughing during the whole thing because John kept messing with me and goofing around. I was trying to be *serious* – as usual – but he wouldn’t do right.)

Anyway – when I found it on an old hard drive earlier today, I was stoked to share it with you.

You can press play here to listen to it:

Or you can click here and download it.

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